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VitaFilta Water Cooler + Filter (Includes 3 Filters)

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Product Description

Providing crisp, clean, perfectly chilled water on demand, the VitaFilta Water Cooler & Filter utilizes cutting-edge NASA cooling technology to transform standard tap water into fresh, filtered drinking water free of chlorine, hazardous heavy metals, and other contaminants.

The VitaFilta's easily-replaceable filter uses carbon and resin/ion exchange to purify between 100-120 gallons of water, and is certified to significantly reduce all known contaminants, pesticides, and heavy metals commonly found in municipal tap water— including lead and chromium. The VitaFilta is also effective at softening and enhancing the taste of your drinking water by reducing the number of total dissolved solids, including hard calcium. Most importantly, these powerful filters are designed to preserve essential minerals like Potassium and Magnesium, which are not retained in purified water or most bottled water.

The VitaFilta's compact size won't take up all the space on your counters, yet is large enough to hold up to 3 gallons of water at a time. It's easy to refill, and doesn't require a permanent water hookup so you can move it around to the kitchen, office, bedroom, classroom, or anywhere else you desire. With VitaFilta at the ready, there's no reason not to stay hydrated.

Product Details
  • ColorsWhite, Gray
  • Materials
  • Measurements
    10"L× 10"W × 24"H
  • OriginImported

— Warranty: Manufacturer's 1 Year
— Water Cooler & Filter
— NASA Peltier Cooling Technology
— Adjust Temperature Between 40°F - 65°F
— Easily To Refill, No Connection To Water Source Needed
— Removes Heavy Metals + Other Harmful Contaminants
— Reduces Lead Content By Over 97%
— Compact Size With Small Footprint
— Energy Efficient (30% Of Traditional Coolers)
— Plug-In (110-120V)
— Virtually Silent Operation
— 3 Gallon Capacity
— Each Filter Provides 100-120 Gallons Of Water Depending On Water Source; It's Recommended That They Be Replaced Every 2-3 Months
— 100% BPA Free Food Grade Materials
— Recommended Filters Be Replaced Once Every Quarter. For Those That Drink A Lot Of Water, Replace The Filter Every 1-2 Months

Does it filter out fluoride?

The ion exchange resin in our filters reduces fluoride but will not necessarily remove it altogether, depending on the fluoride content at the source.

Is it possible to use it with out the filters?

Yes, you can use the cooler without using the replaceable filter. The filtration does not affect the cooling.

Can the product be used without the cooling aspect?

Yes, the filtration takes place regardless of whether the cooler is powered on or not. The cooler also has an adjustable temperature if it is powered on.

Does it need to be plug to a power outlet?

The cooler does require to be plugged into a power outlet to operate. If you want filtered room temperature water, you do not need to plug it in.

How much are the filters?

Filter prices range from 14.99 to 19.99 depending on different deals and shipping costs. Filters are available from

What is the wattage when the cooler is cooling room temp water down toward 40 degrees C?

The cooler plugs into a 110v. It draws around 40w when cooling and draws zero watts when it cycles off but maintains the target cooling temperature.

Can the water temperature be increased to very hot like other coolers?

VitaFilta cools only, it does not heat.

Where is this product made?

VitaFilta is designed and developed in the USA and manufactured in China.

How often do you need to change or clean the filter?

There is no exact answer to how frequently you change your filter as it depends on the source of the water and the volume used. We, however, provide a guide to replace it every two to three months for normal use, which would mean refilling your tank about 3 times per week. This equates to every 100 gallons or so in places where the municipal water is reasonable. You should notice a slight change in taste or slowing of the water flow when it is time to change.

Is the filter effective with the use of well water in homes that don’t get city water?

VitaFilta filters will reduce many contaminants from well water and is usually effective but it is difficult to specify without full details of the water quality, contents, and specific items.

What does this filter out? What is the infusion process as compared to the ocean process?

The Ion Exchange Resin and Organic Carbon are tested for over a 99% reduction in chlorine and heavy metals. They further reduce or remove sediment and a long list of contaminants for which they have not specifically been tested. Please contact us through for further details.

Where do you get replacement filters and how much do they cost?

VitaFilta replacement filters are available on Prices range from around $15 to $20.

Can you put fruit into the container for flavored water as well?

Yes, there would be no problem putting fruit in the tank, but you would need to clean it out regularly if you do so.

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